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tsartsar, tzar, czar /zɑː, tsɑː $ zɑːr, tsɑːr/ noun [countable]  PGOa male ruler of Russia before 1917
Examples from the Corpus
tsarWilliam Bennett, a former drug tsar, was a vociferous foe, as is Louis Sullivan, the health secretary.The man they wanted was a New Zealand-born heroin tsar, sought in a dozen countries but slippery as an eel.When he asked the new tsar to give land to the peasants he made plain the other.Sergei Solov'ev was wrong, however, to accuse the tsar of conducting the war with a lack of resolution.In the same year, the tsar involved himself personally in the foundation of the reformist journal Military Miscellany.The tsar adopted these suggestions but reduced the number of specific requests.The tsar is dead; long live the tsar.
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