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tubertu‧ber /ˈtjuːbə $ ˈtuːbər/ noun [countable]  HBPa round swollen part on the stem of some plants, such as the potato, that grows below the ground and from which new plants growtuberous adjective
Examples from the Corpus
tuberDairy production is much less labor-intensive than the production of cereals and tubers which it replaced.The hind limbs were strong and apparently adapted for scratch-digging, and Hyperodapedon could presumably dig up edible tubers and roots.These bulbs, corms or tubers are also found in land plants, such as the daffodil, dahlia or potato.Rots also increased on recipient tubers when the donors were heavily infected but were free of gangrene lesions.Sweet Potato: A red-skinned tuber used like potatoes.Pot the tubers with their crowns exposed in a loam-free potting compost.The round black seed germinated that autumn and the following spring the plants developed long, woody tubers.
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