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tuberculosistu‧ber‧cu‧lo‧sis /tjuːˌbɜːkjəˈləʊsɪs $ tuːˌbɜːrkjəˈloʊ-/ noun [uncountable]  MIa serious infectious disease that affects many parts of your body, especially your lungs syn TBtubercular /tjuːˈbɜːkjələ $ tuːˈbɜːrkjələr/ adjective
Examples from the Corpus
tuberculosisAll children brought to the clinic were automatically vaccinated against tuberculosis.Also patron of endurance and tuberculosis sufferers.Mild hypercalcemia has been reported in chronic infections such as tuberculosis and some fungal diseases.It was only then that Jean-Pierre discovered he had contracted tuberculosis in jail, and had never recovered.One day, we discovered that he had contracted tuberculosis, and so he was brought here.The current tuberculosis epidemic, which threatens the entire population with antibiotic-resistant strains, is the result of one such foolish cutback.A third of controls with negative cultures, however, were also positive for M tuberculosis complex.If the animal is free of tuberculosis, it can be released unharmed.
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