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TudorTu‧dor /ˈtjuːdə $ ˈtuːdər/ adjective  SHPERIOD OF TIMErelating to the period in British history between 1485 and 1603Tudor house/buildings/architecture etc (=built in the style used in the Tudor period)
Examples from the Corpus
TudorBowling: Tudor 12-5-21-2.The Royal Ballet was often accused of neglecting Tudor.After the opulence of the rest of the palace, the workaday Tudor Kitchens come as something of a relief.The original Tudor manor has been demolished and replaced three times, and the last house was destroyed in the 1950s.I stop at the lights outside a timbered Tudor mansion, now the Davenport College of Business.Shakespeare's history plays are not just about the Tudor myth; they are about the daily practice of power.Designed by teachers, the Tudor Resource Pack will provide enough material to support a term's.The store is housed in a gabled two-story Tudor Revival building with a magnificent split staircase to the second level.Tudor house/buildings/architecture etcSeeing a typical villa from a distance, it would have looked to us rather like a Tudor house.It is full of narrow winding streets and beautiful Tudor buildings and has an attractive waterfront.Whistler was dining at Tudor House, and the wombat was brought on the table with coffee and cigars.It was not yet dusk, but the drive up to Kevin's mock Tudor house was lined with lit-up toadstools.The big Tudor house was Stapley Manor.
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