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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtufttuft /tʌft/ noun [countable]  GROUP OF THINGSa bunch of hair, feathers, grass etc growing or held closely together at their basetuft of tufts of grass
Examples from the Corpus
tuftCaroline is in her late forties; she resembles a five-foot potato with black tufts of Raggedy Ann yarn for hair.Like the rituals of harvest and planting in pastoral societies, the desert broom tufts are a sign.The ear tufts of a few species do not represent true ears.She had tufts of hair in her armpits like clumps of grass.He used small gouges to carve little tufts of fur with long, controlled strokes, following the marked lines.Jim leaned on one elbow and tore off tufts of grass and threw them at my face.The plant forms a dense, tall tuft, capable of withstanding plenty of disturbance in the tank.tuft ofA tiny tuft of red hair poked out from under her scarf.
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