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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtumulttu‧mult /ˈtjuːmʌlt $ ˈtuː-/ noun [countable, uncountable] formal  1 LOUD/NOISYa confused, noisy, and excited situation, often caused by a large crowd syn turmoil I could simply not be heard in the tumult.in tumult The whole country is in tumult.2 CONFUSEDa state of mental confusion caused by strong emotions such as anger, sadness etc syn turmoil
Examples from the Corpus
tumultAll the coolant hit the engine block in a tumult of steam.Sheila confessed that she spends most of her time in a tumult of anger and disbelief.His voice is shaken by the tumult of his feelings ... Outside some one touches you ... with a light greeting.Brown has kept the tumult at bay.Theirs is a complex and lifelong friendship, even when the tumult of the times separates them for many years.The tumult died away, and presently Moon-Watcher could hear the sound of a body being dragged over rocks.The tumult of war had undoubtedly touched Leonard, though his immediate family were spared its direct horrors.If it had been incredible before it was more so now, this whirling tumult in her blood.
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