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tunertun‧er /ˈtjuːnə $ ˈtuːnər/ noun [countable]  1 TCBthe part of a radio or television that you can change to receive different TV or radio stations2 a person who tunes pianos3 an electronic machine that helps you to tune a musical instrument such as a guitar
Examples from the Corpus
tunerGregory's bass guitar was out of tune because of a wayward string and none of the group had guitar tuners.The banjo-style tuners are the coolest things too.She could feel their tension and their eyes on her as she flicked the tuner across the dial desperately.I was fiddling with the tuner, trying to get a station with news.The tuners are Jackson's own and feel satisfyingly smooth and efficient, with no unwanted backlash.These sockets are followed by a useful tuner output which feeds any external guitar tuner without interrupting the signal path.
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