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tuppencetup‧pence /ˈtʌpəns/ noun [uncountable] British English  1 PECan amount of money worth two pence2 not care/give tuppence
Examples from the Corpus
tuppenceAnyway I was given sixpence, fourpence for the papers and tuppence for myself.Now, though, he couldn't care tuppence.The trouble was she didn't seem to care tuppence.If you had a stomach upset you were sent to Mrs. Sutton who sold you a powder for tuppence.He had bought a new white shirt and was wearing a regimental tie which had cost him tuppence in a jumble sale.It costs £59 million - it is not tuppence - but I think that it is worthwhile.You see everybody casts their tuppence worth into the pool but nobody details the route to a better future.
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