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TupperwareTup‧per‧ware /ˈtʌpəweə $ -pərwer/ noun [uncountable]  trademarkDFU a type of plastic container that closes very tightly and is used to store fooda Tupperware (trademark) party (=an occasion on which people get together at someone’s house in order to buy this product)
Examples from the Corpus
TupperwareDemonstrators whoop and holler as colleagues receive gifts ... a Tupperware colander ... an Oriental rug.Worldwide, a Tupperware party starts every 2.7 seconds.Kath now has a company car in recognition of her achievement. Tupperware ladies do not win prizes, they achieve them.These cotton yellows, peachy pinks and baby blues transport us, delighted, to the land of Tupperware.
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