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turboproptur‧bo‧prop /ˈtɜːbəʊprɒp $ ˈtɜːrboʊprɑːp/ noun [countable]  1 TEa turbine engine that drives a propeller2 TTAan aircraft that gets power from this type of engine
Examples from the Corpus
turbopropThe Embraer 120 turboprop is equipped with twin propellers designed to spin at a constant speed.And, oh yes, is it a jet or a turboprop?The Beech 1900, a twin-engine turboprop seating 19, is among the smaller commuter aircraft in regular service.The Aircraft division manufactures and assembles a range of turboprops and jetliners.For the second year, Shelton's' Cat sported a new composite proboscis from a P-3 Orion turboprop.All my fellow passengers in the turboprop are asleep.The turboprop has also undergone a maturing process that now makes it an easy engine to work on and spectacularly reliable.
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