Language: Old English


1 noun
Related topics: Gardening, Nature
turf1 plural turfs or turves
1 [uncountable] especially British EnglishDLGDN a surface that consists of soil with grass on top, or an artificial surface that looks like this:
soft green turf
2 [countable] British EnglishDLG a square piece of turf cut out of the ground

the turf

DSH the sport of horse racing, or the track on which horses race
4 [uncountable] informal an area that you think of as being your own:
How vigorously will the local companies defend their turf?
somebody's own/home turf (=the place that someone comes from or lives in)
We beat Canada on their home turf.
turf war/battle (=a fight or argument over the areas or things you think belong to you)
turf wars among government bureaucracies

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