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turn a blind eye (to something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishturn a blind eye (to something)turn a blind eye (to something)to deliberately ignore something that you know should not be happening Teachers were turning a blind eye to smoking in school. blind
Examples from the Corpus
turn a blind eye (to something)Directors know this is going on and turn a blind eye.The best the authorities could do was turn a blind eye.The staff knew what was going on but they turned a blind eye.They just had to put up with it and turn a blind eye.Automakers say that in their zeal to promote airbags, regulators turned a blind eye to evidence of hazards.Rugby, whose spectators are a fairly respectable lot, turns a blind eye to fighting on the field.Many landlords turn a blind eye to the fact that two families are sharing apartments.But the police turn a blind eye to the lawbreaking.He would prefer to turn a blind eye to the problem of asylum seekers around the world.
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