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turn (people’s) heads

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishturn (people’s) headsturn (people’s) headsSURPRISEDif something turns people’s heads, they are surprised by it It did turn some heads when he moved back to the village. turn
Examples from the Corpus
turn (people’s) headsMy average customer wants to be seen, wants to turn heads.None of the Lavenders had ever turned heads.She would have turned heads anywhere in a navy blue backless dress which rose just above her knee.Wilkins has turned some heads by claiming to be the best football player ever.The blast must have hit solidly all at once and had given them the briefest chance to turn heads only.Her tiny waist and substantial bosom turned heads right across the bar.A kiss-and-tell look behind the scenes of a sport always turns heads with book publishers.
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