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turn something inside out

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishturn something inside outturn something inside outa) OPPOSITE/REVERSEto pull a piece of clothing, bag etc so that the inside is facing out Turn the sweater inside out before you wash it. b) (also turn something upside down)LOOK FOR to search everywhere for something, in a way that makes a place very untidy Thieves had turned the house upside down. c) (also turn something upside down/turn something on its head) to completely change the way that something is done, organized, thought about etc New approaches to marketing turn old practices upside down. Her opinion of him had been turned on its head. turn
Examples from the Corpus
turn something inside outThis brief scene, so unexpected and devastating, turns Blue inside out.I've turned the house upside down looking for that book!Lukens' theories have turned the financial world upside down.Declaring the shirt offensive, she ordered Jeffrey to take it off or turn it inside out.Hayward Wiggins launched a kids' summer enrichment program nine years ago, he turned the rules inside out.I turned my collar inside out.In effect, it turns the nozzle inside out.Objectivism thus turns existentialism inside out.The ship leaped and juddered as if trying to turn to inside out.Turn the pants inside out before you wash them.
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