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turn something upside down

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishturn something upside downturn something upside downa) to make a place very untidy when you are looking for something The burglars have turned our house upside down. b) to cause a lot of change and confusion in a situation or in someone’s life the story of a young girl whose life was turned upside down upside down
Examples from the Corpus
turn something upside downThe girl was turning everything upside down.The history of implants has been equally painful; implants can shift or turn themselves upside down.Yet with an appealing brew of nationalism and promise of democratic reform, Kostunica has since turned Yugoslav politics upside down.I turn the box upside down and bring it out empty.We could turn the glass upside down and sideways without having the water pour out because air pressure pushes in all directions.They studied the map for a while, scratched their heads, turned it upside down and studied it some more.A distorted religion has turned the world upside down, denying that anything ever existed before itself.
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