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turn/stand something on its head

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishturn/stand something on its headturn/stand something on its headOPPOSITE/FACEto make people think about something in the opposite way to the way it was originally intended The attorney quickly turned his main defense argument on its head. head
Examples from the Corpus
turn/stand something on its headMany of these taboos derive from patriarchal societies taking the power of women and turning it on its head.Resist that temptation by turning it on its head.Rather than ignore Philips's cherished necessity principle, the Government turned it on its head.It turns time on its head.Another basic political problem here is that the Dole message turns history on its head.That, of course, is to stand reality on its head, since the industrialised nations are manifestly the real environmental villains.The next step was to turn reality on its head.In fact, it would turn Beveridge on its head and use the national insurance system as a tax system."You stand logic on its head when you use arms control as an argument for a larger defense budget, " Aspin said.
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