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turn your back (on somebody/something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishturn your back (on somebody/something)turn your back (on somebody/something)a) HELPto refuse to help, support, or be involved with someone or something How can you turn your back on your own mother? In his twenties he turned his back on his Catholic faith. b) TURNto turn so that your back is pointing towards someone or something, and you are not looking at them Angrily, she turned her back on him. turn
Examples from the Corpus
turn your back (on somebody/something)He turned his back abruptly and walked away.I handed him back that hundred dollars and turned my back and took him in.Weaken, turn your back for a moment and it could be lost for good.He would never turn his back on a fellow veteran.He acknowledged his paternity when he could have easily turned his back on him and told him he was a servant.So in the end I turned my back on it and walked away.Kissinger said it was disgraceful that the United States had turned its back on one of her oldest and closest friends.He turned his back on Shauna and walked to the window.Many immigrants turn their back on the old ways.Wiltshire's Social Services department has promised not to turn its back on the problem of alcoholics.
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