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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishturnkeyturn‧key /ˈtɜːnkiː $ ˈtɜːrn-/ adjective [only before noun]  Bready to be used immediately the development and sale of turnkey systems for telecommunications customers
Examples from the Corpus
turnkeyThe system functions as a turnkey management solution to service providers, making their operation more efficient and profitable.Details of the USWeb plan were not available, but sources say the start-up will offer prospective franchisees a turnkey operation.Also available are neural-network-based turnkey software packages.Grove touted the Pandesic joint venture software as a turnkey solution for businesses seeking to conduct sales over the Internet.The software is not a turnkey system that can be simply loaded and run.This public software will not take the form of a turnkey system which can simply be loaded and run.turnkey systemsThe 2D market is mainly for turnkey systems.
From Longman Business Dictionaryturnkeyturn‧key /ˈtɜːnkiːˈtɜːrn-/ adjective [only before a noun] turnkey PROJECTs or systems are ones that have been produced in such a way that they are ready to be used immediately by a customerThe unit provides turnkey software systems to credit unions.
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