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turnpiketurn‧pike /ˈtɜːnpaɪk $ ˈtɜːrn-/ noun [countable]  American EnglishTTR a large road for fast traffic that drivers have to pay to use the New Jersey Turnpike
Examples from the Corpus
turnpikeAn act of that year ordered all turnpike trusts to provide guide-posts and milestones on their roads.That afternoon he set out walking to Harrisburg, where his father was working as a laborer on a new turnpike.Weld, I thank them for all those nice turnpike tolls.Hesperus is a lighthouse, Mars An air-force base; molecular cars Arrowing the turnpikes become Lost meteorites in search of home.The contribution of the turnpikes must be measured not against the prescriptions of later ages but against the possibilities of their own.Those who lent to the turnpike trusts were even more localised than those who bought canal stock.With Ramsay and many others he ran on, up the turnpike.Since the opening of the Torpoint turnpike, around 1820, it has been Sheviock that now stands on the main thoroughfare.
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