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turntableturn‧ta‧ble /ˈtɜːnˌteɪbəl $ ˈtɜːrn-/ noun [countable]  1 turntable.jpg TCRthe part of a stereo on which the record turns round2 TTTa large flat round surface on which railway engines are turned around
Examples from the Corpus
turntableAnd the introduction of a turntable means that food is cooked evenly.The X-ray spectrometer thus directs a beam of X-rays at a crystal mounted on a turntable.Here he had control of the turntable, which was on a table next to him.Alistair rushed in as we hoard the record loudly scraped off the turntable.He made his choice and watched fascinated as the arm jerked across and laid the record on the turntable.She placed the record on the turntable and the muted trumpet of Jonah Jones softly assailed the room.To stop the turntable behaving like a seismograph, it is suspended on isolating springs.At least the handle turned, and to his surprise the turntable revolved, if rather slowly, when he moved the lever.
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