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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtweetwee /twiː/ adjective British English  NICEvery pretty or perfect, in a way that you find silly or unpleasant She produced twee little flower paintings.
Examples from the Corpus
tweeIn this his inventive energy makes Welch's more delicate line appear fussy and twee.It could be twee, but as we jump from image to image a dispassionate view of the world emerges.Indeed, Redcar is not pretty nor twee, but at least it is honest, down-to-earth and rejects shallow affection.A bit twee, I thought, for a prototype Yuppie like Jo.Alternately manic and twee, it has, instead, only the ugliness of wilfully arrested adolescence.The stuff was either rubbish, or twee, or so boring it made you want to puke.
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