Date: 1400-1500
Origin: twi- 'two, twice' (from Old English) + light


Related topics: Nature, Chronology
1 [uncountable]DN the small amount of light in the sky as the day ends
in the twilight
The end of the cigarette glowed in the twilight.
2 [uncountable]TMC the time when day is just starting to become night [= dusk]
at twilight
romantic walks along the beach at twilight
3 [singular] the period just before the end of the most active part of someone's life
twilight of
in the twilight of her acting career
Depression in the twilight years (=the last years of your life) is usually related to illness.

twilight world

literary a strange situation involving mystery, dishonesty etc
twilight world of
the twilight world of espionage

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