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twilltwill /twɪl/ noun [uncountable]  TIMstrong cloth woven to produce parallel sloping lines across its surface grey twill trousers
Examples from the Corpus
twillBolton twill A firm, hard-wearing fabric.Harris tweed sports jacket, cavalry twill slacks.Otley's cavalry twill and brogues were doing their best to keep up and he was breaking out in a sweat.Polo shirts in plaids, stripes and solids are worn with jeans or cotton twill pants.cotton twill pantsA chubby little man in a short-sleeved sport shirt and baggy gray twill pants came out the door.He could have brought that old twill garden hat that folded up flat.Silk twill tie, £56, Hermès.Female employees also are restricted from wearing twill pants, casual shoes and shirts.
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