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twingetwinge /twɪndʒ/ noun [countable]  1 PAINa sudden feeling of slight pain I felt a twinge of pain in my back.see thesaurus at pain2 a twinge of guilt/envy/sadness/jealousy etc
Examples from the Corpus
twingeI felt responsible and concerned, but also a twinge of frustration.I feel a twinge of sympathetic embarrassment on my late colleague's behalf.Then he thought of Benedicta and felt a twinge of doubt.Charles even felt a twinge of pity for Mrs Sweet.George felt a twinge of pain in his ankle from when he had slipped on the ice.Johnson felt a twinge on the inside of his right leg.I had a twinge of hard joy as I ran after the car.I feel a small, icy twinge around my heart.I'd had the odd twinge now and again, but my heart-attack was totally unexpected.But the path took me back into darkness and I felt my first real twinge of panic.
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