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twist and turn

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtwist and turntwist and turna) TURNif a path, road, stream etc twists and turns, it has a lot of bends in it The river twists and turns through the green fields. b) TURNif a person or animal twists and turns, they make twisting movements twist
Examples from the Corpus
twist and turnBut the journey of life has many twists and turns.The roller-coaster ride of the successful entrepreneur has many such twists and turns.First, in high winds the building could twist and turn and pull sections of the walls or windows apart.Despite many bridges, viaducts, embankments, cuttings and tunnels the lines twist and turn in detours around the hills.Or by the twists and turns of all that is buried in the human heart.She'd twist and turn, she'd fold herself double, she'd cry out.And the sporty model, with its bigger tires, felt better in highway twists and turns than its richer sibling.Pros: Lots of pyrotechnics and effects, plenty of twists and turns that keep you hanging on.
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