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twist your ankle/wrist/knee

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtwist your ankle/wrist/kneetwist your ankle/wrist/kneeINJUREto hurt your wrist etc by pulling or turning it too suddenly while you are moving Harriet slipped on the stairs and twisted her ankle.see thesaurus at hurt twist
Examples from the Corpus
twist your ankle/wrist/kneeAs he fell, he twisted his ankle.Harriet slipped on the stairs and twisted her ankle.One morning as she was rushing back to the changing rooms one of the models slipped and twisted her ankle.Twice in the morning he left the field, limping and in pain after twisting his knee.She twisted her ankle while getting off the lift and had made the long trip down in pain.If I had twisted my ankle, would people be making such a big deal of it?
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