2 noun
twist2 [countable]
1 an unexpected feature or change in a situation or series of events
a new/cruel/unexpected/strange etc twist
The robbery took a deadly new twist as the robber pulled out a gun.
an unexpected twist in the plot
By an amazing twist of fate, we met again in Madrid five years later.
2 a twisting action or movement:
He smiled, a slow cynical twist of his lips.
3 a bend in a river or road
4 a small piece of something that is twisted into a particular shape
twist of
a twist of lemon

the twist

APD a popular fast dance from the 1960s in which you twist your body from side to side

round the twist

British English spoken
a) crazy:
'The woman's mad,' she told herself. 'She's round the twist.'
b) very angry
twisty adjective:
a twisty road

➔ (don't) get your knickers in a twist

at knickers (3)

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