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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtwistedtwist‧ed /ˈtwɪstɪd/ ●●○ (also twisted up) adjective  1 BENDsomething twisted has been bent in many directions or turned many times, so that it has lost its original shape the plane’s twisted wreckage2 STRANGEseeming to enjoy things that are cruel or shocking, in a way that is not normal syn sick Whoever sent those letters has a twisted mind.
Examples from the Corpus
twistedWhoever sent you these disgusting letters must be twisted.Its head becomes twisted and the mouth moves sideways.The high Baroque altar with its twisted columns in varied marbles is by members of the Platzer family.It was a peculiar, twisted heart, made of driftwood.Pieces of twisted metal and rusted pipe lay scattered around the yard.a twisted mindAre there any twisted or precarious joints?What kind of sick and twisted person would do such a thing?She turned to stare at him and saw that he was smiling - a twisted smile that made her colour rise quickly.Note that the supporting leg is twisted so that your hips face 120° away from a forward-facing position.I think she does love me in some twisted way.Investigators sifted through the twisted wreckage of the plane.the twisted wreckage of the plane
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