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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtwitchytwitch‧y /ˈtwɪtʃi/ adjective  NERVOUSbehaving in a nervous way because you are anxious about something I was very twitchy about the way things would turn out.
Examples from the Corpus
twitchySkinheads, on the other hand, are nervous and twitchy.The charity world is getting twitchy.She felt twitchy about that vile Angel who hovered shadowy in the background, waiting to perform some dreadful mischief.Lynda Steadman is delightfully twitchy and broken as Annie, the more sensitive friend.She took it all in good humour, though Stuart seemed as twitchy as a rabbit's septum.Frankie's twitchy legs and itchy scalp pulled his thoughts back to the present.twitchy legsBut these days the Tories are an unusually twitchy lot.a twitchy mood
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