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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtwotwo /tuː/ ●●● S2 W1 number  1 TWOthe number 2 I’ll be away for almost two weeks. We have to be there by two (=two o'clock). His family moved to Australia when he was two (=two years old).2 in twos3 put two and two together4 that makes two of us5 two can play at that game6 a year/a week/a moment/an hour etc or two7 two sides of the same coin8 two heads are better than one9 be in two minds (about something)10 two cents (worth)11 two’s company, three’s a crowd don’t care two hoots at hoot1(5), → two/three etc of a kind at kind1(6), → be two/ten a penny at penny(11), → in ones and twos at one1(3), → it takes two to tango at tango2(2), → kill two birds with one stone at kill1(13), → no two ways about it at way1(54), → fall between two stools at fall1(32)THESAURUSpair two things of the same type that you use together. Also used about two people who do something together or who you often see togethera pair of shoesa pair of socksWinners will receive a pair of tickets for the show.The pair were arrested six days after the killing.They're a funny pair!The British pair will be playing in the final on Saturday.a couple (of something) two things of the same type, or a very small number of thingsThere were a couple of empty seats at the table.Do you have any stamps? I just need a couple.couple noun [countable] two people who are married or having a sexual relationshipa married coupleThe couple met at university.twins noun [plural] two children who were born on the same day to the same motherThe twins look very alike.identical twinsduo noun [countable] two people who perform together or who are often seen togethera comedy duoduet noun [countable] a piece of music written for two people to playThey played a duet by Brahms.twice two times adverbThe group meets twice a week.She sneezed twice.for two peoplefor two for two peopleA table for two, please.double bed/double room a bed for two people, or a room that has a bed for two people in itI'd like to book a double room.twin beds/twin room two separate single beds, or a room with two separate single bedsWe asked for a twin room, and they've give us a double room.
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