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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtwo-manˈtwo-man adjective  TWOdesigned to be used by two people syn two-person a two-man tent
Examples from the Corpus
two-manJust after the two-man advantage expired, Alfredsson had another strong bid on Ranford but the goalie turned it back.Negotiations are continuing aimed at strengthening a two-man board.They paddled down the river in a two-man canoe.Hedgerows, first of all, are a two-man job.In 1984 our two-man junk bond department spoke at a Salomon Brothers seminar for several hundred savings and loan managers.The man he knew only as Hamid was one of the two-man London cell.However, the smugglers and the two-man refuelling team escaped as a small army detachment opened fire on the police.They even set up a neat military system of two-man sentry duties, to make sure they stayed alert.We all squeezed into Ralph's small two-man tent.We staked claim to the two-man tents set on a steep slope in the rain forest.
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