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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtwo-personˌtwo-ˈperson adjective [only before noun]  1 consisting of two people a two-person household2 designed to be used by two people syn two-man
Examples from the Corpus
two-personFirst of all I was put in a two-person cell with bunk beds.It is essentially a two-person drama.She and Edwards went first on a two-person, help-your-buddy tightrope walk 30 feet above the ground.The basis of the tax - a two-person household - is wrong; it should be one person.How will it, without a list or register, determine whether a household is a single or a two-person household?This, however, is a two-person operation as the roof is too heavy and cumbersome for one.Many of these are small, one- or two-person outfits, snack kiosks and the like.Prices are $ 99. 95 for a two-person tent or $ 349. 95 for a six-person model.
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