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two/three etc doors away/down/up

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtwo/three etc doors away/down/uptwo/three etc doors away/down/upNEARused to say how many houses or buildings there are between your house, office etc and another buildingtwo/three etc doors away/down/up from Patrick lived two doors away from me. door
Examples from the Corpus
two/three etc doors away/down/upFreda Berkeley misses her and another neighbour, the writer Patrick Kinross, who lived two doors away.I took the keenest pleasure in expelling Phetlock from my old office, two doors down from the Oval.Across the world, or two doors down the corridor.He thanked the colonel for the interview and returned doggedly to his pistol lessons in the basement range two doors away.The guest room's two doors down the corridor.The second was in another bin beside the Argos showroom two doors away.Mr Potts and the matrons left them in the church and went to stay two doors away, in a hotel.He tried the house opposite, and was told two doors down.
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