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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtypewrittentype‧writ‧ten /ˈtaɪpˌrɪtn/ adjective  WRITEwritten using a computer or a typewriter typewritten notes
Examples from the Corpus
typewrittenEach box had the name of its occupant thoughtfully provided on a typewritten card slotted into a holder on the door.Books and magazines are set proportionally spaced, typewritten documents are generally monospaced.There was one other letter for Lily with a typewritten envelope and a Southsea postmark.a typewritten letterYet the couple of typewritten lines had been plain enough, with little room for error.It's claimed the officers left these tyre marks on the front lawn ... and this typewritten note.She turned next to the typewritten pages.She looked up, brows wrinkled in a frown, and he produced a typewritten report and gave it to her.
From Longman Business Dictionarytypewrittentype‧writ‧ten /ˈtaɪpˌrɪtn/ adjective written using a typewriter or WORD PROCESSORa typewritten letter
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