Date: 1600-1700
Language: Medieval Latin
Origin: typicalis, from Latin typicus, from Greek typikos, from typos; TYPE1


typ‧i‧cal S2 W2
1 having the usual features or qualities of a particular group or thing:
typical British weather
typical of
This painting is typical of his work.
This advertisement is a typical example of their marketing strategy.
2 happening in the usual way:
On a typical day, our students go to classes from 7.30 am to 1pm.
Try calculating your budget for a typical week.
3 behaving in the way that you expect:
Bennett accepted the award with typical modesty.
it is typical of somebody to do something
It's not typical of Gill to be so critical.
Mr Stevens' appointment was a typical case of promoting a man beyond his level of competence.


spoken used to show that you are annoyed when something bad happens again, or when someone does something bad again

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