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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtyrannicalty‧ran‧ni‧cal /təˈrænɪkəl/ adjective  CRUELbehaving in a cruel and unfair way towards someone you have power overtyrant a tyrannical parent tyrannical laws
Examples from the Corpus
tyrannicalIt was this last, clearly tyrannical, action which stirred Anselm to take the only countervailing measure open to him.Lewis was a tyrannical boss who frightened and humiliated his employees.a tyrannical bossDennis Quaid is the doughty knight, Bowen, battling David Thewlis' tyrannical king.He never asked if she remembered his tyrannical parenting.Some people felt that machines exercised a new kind of tyrannical power over them.Thousands of refugees fled the tyrannical regime in search of political freedom.a tyrannical regimeAdrian, the tyrannical waitress in a foreign country, had them all spellbound.Some treated their staff in a high-handed and tyrannical way.
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