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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtyrannytyr‧an‧ny /ˈtɪrəni/ noun (plural tyrannies) [countable, uncountable]  1 CONTROLcruel or unfair control over other people Gorky was often the victim of his grandfather’s tyranny. the fight against tyranny2 GOVERNMENTcruel and unfair government organizations which have criticized the tyrannies of the government3 tyranny of the majority4 LIMITsomething in your life that limits your freedom to do things the way you want totyranny of the tyranny of the nine-to-five working day
Examples from the Corpus
tyrannyAny political system that refuses to allow people to protest becomes a tyranny.the extraordinary struggle against tyranny in South AfricaYou, as members of the grand jury, are the living barriers between citizens and tyranny.He refused to submit to cruelty and tyranny.Modernization by tyranny is no more likely to work today than it did when Stalin tried it half a century ago.People who join citizen militias often believe the government is out of control and armed citizens are needed to prevent federal tyranny.In their hearts, they love tyrannies that suit them.The forces of tyranny and aggression shelled the Mandali suburbs, Khurmal and Darband-e-Khan with long-range artillery.parental tyrannyHe was eager to tell everyone of his father's tyrannies.We have never watched before how the tyranny began.This rust-blood pouring from mortal wounds in the planet's skin is a terrible indictment of the tyranny we climbers inflict.
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