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tyretyre British English, tire American English /taɪə $ taɪr/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  tyre.jpg TTa thick rubber ring that fits around the wheel of a car, bicycle etc I had a flat tyre (=all the air went out of it) on the way home. The spare tyre's in the boot.front/rear/back tyre a punctured front tyre spare tyreCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + tyre a front/rear tyreI bought a set of new front tyres.a flat tyre (=one which the air has come out of)I had a flat tyre and had to walk home.a burst tyreOn lap two, Millar suffered a burst tire, which caused him to crash.a bald tyre (=one which has worn smooth)When police officers examined the car, they discovered that it had two bald tyres.a car/lorry/bicycle etc tyreThey sell and fit car tyres.a spare tyreAlways carry a spare tire.verbschange a tyreI have never changed a tyre or looked under a bonnet.puncture a tyreThe tyre had punctured and had to be replaced.tyre + NOUNthe tyre pressure (=the force of the air in a tyre)Have you checked the tyre pressure?tyre marks (also tyre tracks) (=marks left by tyres)There were tire marks on the road close to where the crash happened.
Examples from the Corpus
tyreThe Wheel Wheeler slides under the punctured tyre when it is raised off the ground.The team chose a wet front and an intermediate rear tyre.Gachot then spun after running over some debris from the Patrese/Moreno incident and the subsequent tyre stop cost him time.Sparks and flames were threatening to spread to the tyre.Voice over It's been all hands to the deck at this tyre fitters.Then, a group of youths rolled a tractor tyre towards the police line.With, depending on your tyre sizes, Range Rover 3.54:1 diffs and the already fitted overdrive.flat tyreWarren Clarke makes a superbly unattractive and boorish Vic, face in repose like a flat tyre.At Bicester it hit a roundabout but kept going with a flat tyre heading for Milton Keynes.A flat tyre once we've cleared El Misti.
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