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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunabashedun‧a‧bashed /ˌʌnəˈbæʃt◂/ adjective written  EMBARRASSEDnot ashamed or embarrassed, especially when doing something unusual or rude She stared at him with unabashed curiosity.
Examples from the Corpus
unabashedBut even his ideological enemies sneakingly admire his unabashed aggression, a quality rare in a city of trimmers and dissemblers.Our landlord appeared quite unabashed chasing his goat out of the flower beds."I'd love to go!" she said with unabashed enthusiasm.unabashed enthusiasmRichard Tyler is an unabashed fan of Hollywood glamour as well.Tyler is an unabashed fan of Hollywood glamour.Kendall is a nasty unabashed racist.He is tough-talking, opinionated, downright mean, an unabashed racist.He is a relentless, buoyant, unabashed seeker of publicity.She was having dreams of unabashed sexuality.
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