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unaccompaniedun‧ac‧com‧pa‧nied /ˌʌnəˈkʌmpənid◂/ AWL adjective  1 ALONEsomeone or something that is unaccompanied has no one with themaccompany Unaccompanied children are not allowed on the premises.unaccompanied bag/luggage etc The airport X-rays all unaccompanied baggage.2 unaccompanied by something3 APMan unaccompanied singer or musician sings or plays aloneaccompaniment, accompanist Lizzie sang unaccompanied. works for unaccompanied violin
Examples from the Corpus
unaccompaniedAfter half an hour, however, I am convinced that these chickadees are unaccompanied by any other birds.Many large Third World cities have arisen unaccompanied by national industrial growth.Unaccompanied children are not allowed on the premises.Morris Landlord, 36, the Etireno's second-in-command, said there had been no unaccompanied children on board.Police, responding to security threats, will also be able to search non-residential premises and unaccompanied freight at ports.On the Overland Trail he discovered, as most unaccompanied men did, the rigors of housekeeping.Most airlines charge an escort fee for unaccompanied minors.Most chanting is unaccompanied, often because no one is available with the required skill, especially to accompany plainsong.Harold was pleased that it had been arranged, but he did not arrive unaccompanied since Haines was with him.
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