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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunadornedun‧a‧dorned /ˌʌnəˈdɔːnd◂ $ -ˈdɔːrnd◂/ adjective written  without unnecessary or special features or decorations They liked their churches to be unadorned.
Examples from the Corpus
unadornedThe fresh-tasting squids are actually at their best plain and unadorned but for a splash of lemon juice.an unadorned dressEveryone is wearing black, the men are in somber suits, the women in severely cut unadorned dresses.Not an inch in his Garden unimproved or unadorned, his very Poultry made happy by fifty little neat Contrivances.Subject, verb, object: the unadorned, impregnable sentence.Surrounded by all the Classical buildings, the huge unadorned rock brings us back to the power of the land.Quickly, he ducked through the unadorned side door of the building and began climbing the four flights of rickety wooden stairs.This has the effect of rounding the contours and losing some of the austerity of the unadorned triads.
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