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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunalloyedun‧al‧loyed /ˌʌnəˈlɔɪd◂/ adjective literary  ALMIXcomplete, pure, or total unalloyed joy
Examples from the Corpus
unalloyedWithout foreign or extraneous admixture; free from anything not properly pertaining to it; homogeneous, unalloyed.However, the theory of unalloyed benefit to plants does not translate into practice.In hindsight, an unalloyed catastrophe of monstrous proportions was inevitable.At first glance, it looked like unalloyed good news.Strong culture's benefits do not come unalloyed, nor without cost.That, however, is not a posture which, as yet, commands unalloyed respect within the United Kingdom.Yet its original presentation at the Berlin Festival was by no means an unalloyed success.As a result there ceases to exist unalloyed the direct feedback, characteristic of primitive societies, between natural conditions and consciousness.an unalloyed victory
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