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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunanimousu‧nan‧i‧mous /juːˈnænɪməs/ ●○○ adjective  1 AGREEEVERYONEa unanimous decision, vote, agreement etc is one in which all the people involved agree It was decided by a unanimous vote that the school should close.almost/virtually unanimous The decision to appoint Matt was almost unanimous.2 AGREEagreeing completely about somethingunanimous in (doing) something The banks were unanimous in welcoming the news.unanimously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
unanimousMany party members agreed with their leader, but they certainly weren't unanimous.The decision of the committee was unanimous.As to form, there is nearly unanimous agreement that writing started with pictures.Ryan needed unanimous agreement to bring his proposal up for a vote.It has won the endorsement of President Clinton, the overwhelming support of the House and unanimous approval by the Senate.If it was, the voting would be carried out on a unanimous basis.The committee made a unanimous decision to expel the three students.The meeting was unanimous in adopting the proposals.They and the third examiner were unanimous in finding the tests inconclusive.Contemporary accounts were certainly not unanimous in recording a triumphant Huxley and a humiliated bishop.Parents have been unanimous in supporting the after-school program.Lord Halsbury gave one of the five unanimous judgments.Medical opinion is unanimous that John's condition is unlikely to improve.The Senate approved Mr Johnson by a unanimous voice vote late Tuesday night.Mr Harada was elected by a unanimous vote.The resolution was affirmed by a unanimous vote.almost/virtually unanimousBut the judgment at Westminster was almost unanimous.I asked many Goans if they disliked the freakish visitors, and their verdicts were almost unanimous.Within the business community, exasperation with government regulation is virtually unanimous.Inherent in all these schemes was the almost unanimous conviction that the Falls, undeveloped by man, represented a terrible waste.Retailers have been almost unanimous in reporting higher Christmas sales.Broadcasters and newspapermen alike were almost unanimous in their representation of the people's view on Lord Haw-Haw's fate.Alive to this possibility, Howdendyke's inhabitants drew up two almost unanimous petitions and wrote several letters of protest.In fact, most of the principles that I will present in this book get almost unanimous support from professional economists.unanimous in (doing) somethingThey and the third examiner were unanimous in finding the tests inconclusive.The court was unanimous in holding that it had such a right.The empirical grounds are that studies of post-merger performance are far from unanimous in identifying improved performance.The jury was unanimous in its verdict.Contemporary accounts were certainly not unanimous in recording a triumphant Huxley and a humiliated bishop.Although the appeals court was unanimous in reversing the lower court, the judges each had different reasons for their conclusions.The Court was unanimous in striking down the law but was badly divided over the reasons.The Symbolist poets and artists were unanimous in their aversion to the photographic image.
From Longman Business Dictionaryunanimousu‧nan‧i‧mous /juːˈnænɪməs/ adjective a unanimous decision, statement etc is one that everyone agrees withIf the value of the shares is not to be determined by the auditors, there has to be unanimous agreement of the shareholders.The vote in favour of the merger was unanimous.
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