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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunansweredun‧an‧swered /ʌnˈɑːnsəd $ -ˈænsərd/ adjective  1 an unanswered question has not been answered Many other questions remain unanswered.2 an unanswered letter, telephone call, or request for help has not been replied to The children’s cries for help went unanswered.
Examples from the Corpus
unansweredBut they left many questions unanswered.No issue was ignored, no charge unanswered.The new openness expressed in the academic debates, and the latest school textbook, still leaves many issues unanswered.There was just no way she could let that pass unanswered.Who he was, where he had come from, why he was there-all these questions remained unanswered.Others of us have felt it as unanswered prayer.However, although there have been tremendous developments in this field there remain many unanswered questions.questions remain unansweredAs I said, at that time the motives of Labour Members were questioned, and the questions remained unanswered.At that time, their motives were questioned but the questions remained unanswered.Staff's anxieties will grow if their questions remain unanswered.The more one studies the facts of Blake's escape the more questions remain unanswered.Who he was, where he had come from, why he was there-all these questions remained unanswered.But many questions remain unanswered, including the death in custody of the most senior government agent charged with the killings.Only two questions remained unanswered - the puzzling absence of any sect heavies and Grant's worrying non-return.Often her questions remained unanswered, with the child merely staring at her, wide-eyed.went unansweredHe walked up to the front door and pushed a button but the chimes went unanswered.His letters to the Internal Revenue Service went unanswered.None the less, their pleas still went unanswered.The first two calls went unanswered.This attempt to confuse the issue went unanswered, and Santa Anna continued his preparations to advance on the capital.Initial complaints by Messer and Mentavlos and their parents went unanswered or were trivialized.
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