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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunapologeticun‧a‧pol‧o‧get‧ic /ˌʌnəpɒləˈdʒetɪk◂ $ -pɑː-/ adjective  not feeling or saying you are sorry for something you have done, especially when other people would expect you to feel or say sorryunapologetic about He is entirely unapologetic about the violence in his movies.
Examples from the Corpus
unapologeticBut Lowe is refreshingly, unfashionably unapologetic.So did the government's unapologetic and violent demolition of slums.Finding an affable, unapologetic citizen who believed this stuff was unnerving.How has he stayed the informed and unapologetic left-wing course?It is this aspect of Kennedy's legacy that most interests Steel, an unsentimental writer and an unapologetic liberal.
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