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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunashamedun‧a‧shamed /ˌʌnəˈʃeɪmd◂/ adjective  ASHAMEDnot feeling embarrassed or ashamed about something that people might disapprove of his unashamed love of moneyunashamedly /-mɪdli/ adverb
Examples from the Corpus
unashamedMr Chatrier's response would be direct and unashamed.Nothing can be finer for honest books than to stand unashamed and free to the air.She was raised in a strict Catholic household but seems completely unashamed and relaxed about sex.Sue seems completely unashamed and relaxed about sex.Here are those tasteful synth parts, crystalline saxophones, and aching, hurt vocals in unashamed full-frontal exposure.There was nothing furtive in his attitude and he would have been quite unashamed if anyone had caught him.I day-dreamed that I could do the same and we would sit together unashamed in the afternoon sun.It's amazing how unashamed people are to discuss their problems on TV.
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