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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunattainableun‧at‧tain‧a‧ble /ˌʌnəˈteɪnəbəl◂/ AWL adjective  IMPOSSIBLEimpossible to achieve A military victory is unattainable.unattainable ideal/dream/goal etcsee thesaurus at impossible
Examples from the Corpus
unattainableThis makes them subservient to a moral objective which may be unattainable.Worse, in their enthusiasm for achieving the vision, they may be unable to see that it is unattainable.Television can create deep dissatisfaction by portraying lifestyles that are unattainable.However, it may be unfair to accuse the candidates of failing to attain the unattainable.Perfection is never qualified or quantified, making it therefore unattainable.Participants get a cultural exposure unattainable by ordinary tourists.For many young people in rural areas, a university education seems like an unattainable dream.an unattainable goalThe idea of wealth was not just unattainable, it was unthinkable; when the thought was uttered he ridiculed it.It is unattainable, not because of the nature of things, but because of the nature of our faculties.The new exams have been designed for weaker students who, until now, have been set unattainable targets.A thin ribbon that separates unparalleled views from unattainable wealth, the walk is a welcome balm to the landlocked masses.unattainable ideal/dream/goal etcThis is not an unattainable ideal, but a goal which you must pursue in order to avoid stagnation.Electricity and water on tap were unattainable dreams for most, but then, nobody had much time to indulge in dreams.The fact that there are fixed costs means perfect competition is an unattainable ideal framework for retailing.The prospect of a university education must appear as an unattainable dream: some are successful but these are exceptional cases.That is, better an unattainable ideal than a limited attainable goal when it comes to the welfare of our fellow men.
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