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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunattractiveun‧at‧trac‧tive /ˌʌnəˈtræktɪv◂/ adjective  1 UGLYnot attractive, pretty, or pleasant to look at an unattractive man2 BADnot good or desirable the unattractive aspects of nationalismunattractively adverb
Examples from the Corpus
unattractiveHe was physically unattractive.It is boxy still, but rounded boxy and not unattractive.But the comparison with the position of the citizen, on the law as it stands at present, is most unattractive.In their experience they may have only one very unattractive alternative: careers that leave no time for family.Reducing city services and raising taxes are both unattractive alternatives.We might be inclined to reject the arrangement because it seems unattractive and not what we want.Wearing an unattractive blouse and old-fashioned skirt, Lisa looked older than she was.They multiply rapidly if ignored, however, and form an unattractive brown film wherever they congregate.The town is surrounded by large, unattractive housing estates that nobody wants to live in.Despite this seemingly unattractive situation, there was a large influx of mining companies prospecting in the country in the late sixties.Clios are unattractive to car thieves as a result.And she, seeing him, felt that he - though plump and unattractive - was an oasis for her.
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