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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunawareun‧a‧ware /ˌʌnəˈweə $ -ˈwer/ ●●○ AWL adjective [not before noun]  NOT KNOWnot noticing or realizing what is happeningunaware of Mike seems unaware of the trouble he’s causing.unaware (that) She was totally unaware that she was being watched.COLLOCATIONSadverbstotally/completely unawareChildren were playing next to the railway line, totally unaware of the danger.quite unaware British English (=completely unaware)Laura seemed quite unaware that she had offended me.largely unawareThe public was largely unaware of the security measures.blissfully unaware (=not aware of something bad)Blissfully unaware of the impending danger, Grant stood under the trees.apparently/seemingly unawareThe man, apparently unaware that he was being filmed, tried to break into the house. verbsseem unawareJohn seemed totally unaware of the effect he was having on my daughters.remain unawareMost people remained largely unaware of the change to the law.appear unawareMary's husband appeared quite unaware that he was causing her great embarrassment.
Examples from the Corpus
unawareThe last of the trees fell away behind him, the lake rushed forwards below, the shelduck dabbled on unaware.This pleasure is voyeuristic when it is dependent on the object of this gaze being unaware, not looking back.Jurors in the case of Dalton Prejean were unaware of his long-term mental problems when sentencing him to death.I can not believe that you were quite unaware of my growing affection for you.Even Republican governors, who had gathered here to give the candidate advice on Tuesday, were unaware of the decision.But Jack was not unaware of what was hiding and where.Truly unaware, some brazenly buttoned their flies as they walked out of the lavatory into the corridor.If you are unaware, Sports Illustrated is the United States' leading weekly sports magazine, with over 3.25 million subscribers.unaware ofMike seems unaware of the trouble he's causing.
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