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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunbalancedun‧bal‧anced /ʌnˈbælənst/ adjective  1 CRAZYsomeone who is unbalanced is slightly crazy2 UNFAIRa report, argument etc that is unbalanced is unfair because it emphasizes one opinion too much3 EQUALa relationship that is unbalanced is not equal because one person has more influence, power etc
Examples from the Corpus
unbalancedBinary trees can easily become unbalanced.Normally the forces from one molecule are counterbalanced by equal attraction by other molecules but at an interface the forces become unbalanced.Not that this production is in any way unbalanced.Tree structures can be balanced or unbalanced.The rising prestige of Ivan's royal office went to the head of that gifted but vicious and unbalanced character.She scrabbled away unbalanced, going too fast to stand up.I became the victim in what was a wholly unbalanced relationship.The unbalanced responsibilities which they bear as carers continue in middle and later life.
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